Great weekend!

What a great weekend we had at the Yankee Reining.
We didn’t win but we sure had fun.
Both Bill and I had great rides.

We’ll get um next time🤠

Thank you Bill Bowen

So Proud

I’m so proud of my HOTROD we marked a 72 yesterday in the Ladies Class at the Yankee Reining Show ♥️
Huge Thank You to Bill Bowen for getting us ready. So Happy to have you as the Head of the Gata Rein Ranch Team

I Love My Hotrod!

I  my HOTROD. We didn’t win it but we placed today at the EPRHA show
We were tied for 2nd in the prime time and limited non pro
We placed 4th in the intermediate and non pro
Thank you to Bill Bowen for all of your help and I appreciate everything the Gata Rein Team does.

Great Job Cowboy

Gata Rein couldn’t be happier for Jim LaBar and Arc Prized Walla marking a 70 taking 1st place in the Rookie Prime Time and tied for 3rd in the Rookie level 2.
Great Job Cowboy

We didn’t place, I WON!

Hot Rod worked very hard for me last night in the CNYRHA Derby.

Although,we didn’t place, I WON the class because I had the loudest cheering section at the show.
Thanks to everyone who rooted for me. It’s truly appreciated.
I had a blast.
I just ❤️ this boy.

Thank you HOTROD
Thank you Bill Bowen