About Gata Rein Ranch

Denise Santagata - Gata Rein RanchGata Rein Ranch, owned by Steve and Denise Santagata, was brought to life by Denise’s love for horses. “I have always loved horses and wanted to learn more about them,” Denise said about her passion. “My brother-in-law had trail horses at his home and invited me over to ride. So, of course I went every day!”

Denise’s love for all things equine was obvious and her desire for knowledge continued to grow. “I wanted to become a better rider, so I started taking lessons with Francis Mercier, who was working at a near by training facility.” Under the guidance of Francis, Denise’s was gaining skill and confidence. It wasn’t long before the trainer introduced her to his passion – reining. “I was fascinated by the reining horses and I would try to do the maneuvers on my trail horse, but I’m sure you can imagine how well that worked.”

Gata Rein Ranch Reining Horses for SaleEventually, the Santagata’s purchased their first reining horse, Patrasha’s Prince, or Prince Charming as Denise lovingly calls him. “He was really too much horse for me, but it didn’t keep me from loving the experience every day.” As her love for everything reining continued to grow, so did Denise’s passion for her horses.

This passion ultimately resulted in the creation of Gata Rein Ranch, a world class training and riding facility that focuses on the equine sport of reining. Established in 2008, Gata Rein Ranch boasts a climate controlled 40 stall barn and indoor riding arena, as well as a state-of-the-art outdoor riding track. Gata Rein Ranch provides the best equine care possible by offering two full time training professionals, as well as first rate veterinary care and maintenance.

Denise and Steve were determined to offer the best training services possible, and then spent quite a bit of time searching for the right professionals for the job. They were excited to have Jerry Coleman join their team and have enjoyed watching him put their facility on the national stage at National Reining Horse Association events.

Jerry trains and shows horses owned by Gata Rein Ranch as well as a large number of outside clients. Their training program is set up to take your horse from an untrained prospect to national level competition. They attended two-three shows per month, which include local affiliate shows as well as NRHA major events. In addition to training programs for your horses, Gata Rein Ranch also offers non pro coaching and lessons. From the beginner to the experienced exhibitor, they have a program to suit every level of rider.

The dogs at Gata Rein Ranch