Today is a really sad day at the Gata Rein Ranch
We lost Leonard Tag. He was humanly put down today.
No more suffering no more pain. I’m really going to miss him.
He will always be forever in my heart❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



My Main Squeeze Never Lets Me Down ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️

Although we didn’t win we placed in the Non Pro classes at the Buckeye Reining Classic. Marking a 70. 👏
We also had a nice Derby run too marking 138 the bobbles were mine. 🤷‍♀️
We’ll get um next time🤞

He’s simply the best!!! 🌻

Thank you Bill Bowen for all you do.🤠

Thank you Stephen Santagata for making my dreams come true


Wow. We had a great show in Springfield at the Buckeye Reining Classic.

Thank you to everyone who work behind the scenes at the show. Great Job👏

A Huge Thank you to our Head Trainer, Bill Bowen and our new Intern, Carly Aravena for all of their hard work making the Horse show a success for Gata Rein Ranch.

What a Great team we have. Thank you to all of our customers and my husband, Steve Santagata for making it all possible

You go cowgirl!

Congrats to Samantha May Greenfield and MYSOCKSARECHOCOLATE
Sams first time showing a Reining Horse she tied for 1st place in the ladies class marking a 70 at the Big Bob Classic
We couldn’t be prouder.
You go cowgirl


Thank you to Bob and Arlene Santagata for putting on a great horse show. (THE BBC). A great time was had by all.
The Gata Rein Ranch party extravaganza was a tremendous success. Thanks to all who attended. I’m pretty sure everyone had fun.
Can’t wait till next year 🎉

Great weekend!

What a great weekend we had at the Yankee Reining.
We didn’t win but we sure had fun.
Both Bill and I had great rides.

We’ll get um next time🤠

Thank you Bill Bowen

So Proud

I’m so proud of my HOTROD we marked a 72 yesterday in the Ladies Class at the Yankee Reining Show ♥️
Huge Thank You to Bill Bowen for getting us ready. So Happy to have you as the Head of the Gata Rein Ranch Team

I Love My Hotrod!

I  my HOTROD. We didn’t win it but we placed today at the EPRHA show
We were tied for 2nd in the prime time and limited non pro
We placed 4th in the intermediate and non pro
Thank you to Bill Bowen for all of your help and I appreciate everything the Gata Rein Team does.

Great Job Cowboy

Gata Rein couldn’t be happier for Jim LaBar and Arc Prized Walla marking a 70 taking 1st place in the Rookie Prime Time and tied for 3rd in the Rookie level 2.
Great Job Cowboy